Controlled Burns

 If you live in the Wiggins Rural Fire Protection District, you are required to report all controlled burns before lighting any open outdoor fire.

Morgan County Communications Center 970-867-8531


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Wiggins Fire serves residence in both Morgan and Weld counties.  The requirements for obtaining permission to burn outside are different each county.  Weld county requires that every open outside burn (except agricultural) receive a permit, the details of obtaining a permit are discussed below.  Morgan County does not require a permit for open burning however, the Morgan Count Sheriff's department does have the ability to restrict when burning if permitted. 

This information can be found on their web site at


The following definitions of what is permitted to be burned outside in an open fire are State of Colorado Department of Health standards and must be complied with irregardless of which county your reside in or wish to burn in.


An Agricultural burn is defined as the following:

the burning of cover vegetation for the purpose of preparing the soil for crop production, weed control, maintenance of water conveyance structures related to agricultural operations, and other agricultural cultivation purposes.

Open burning of animal parts is NOT agricultural burning (unless the State of Agricultural Commission declares a public health emergency that requires the burning of diseased animals).

Open burning of household trash, wood and yard debris on agricultural land is NOT agricultural burning and is NOT exempt from State permitting requirements.


burning of yard waste that does NOT include salvageable wood or tree stumps.

Burning of slash piles.


Burning of material that contains food waste, plastics, coated or treated wood products, rubber, insulation, tires, car bodies, insulated wire, motor oil, aerosol cans, hazardous or toxic materials, or other materials that will produce substantial amounts of smoke and particulates.

Burning of wood residue, which includes bark, sawdust, slabs, chips, shavings, mill trim and other wood products derived from wood processing.

Burning of constriction debris (includes both clean and treated wood).

Burning of buildings or structures for demolition purposes.

Burning of materials for which a practical alternative method of disposal exists.


With the exception of an agricultural burn, as defined above, all requests for an open burning permit within Weld County must be directed to the Weld County department of Public Health and Environment / Environmental Health Services Air Pollution Control by calling 970-304-6415.  the citizen requesting an open burn permit will be, at this time required to apply for the permit in person at the following address.

Weld Count Department of Health and Environment

Environmental Health services, Air Pollution Control

1555 North 17th Avenue

Greeley, CO

970-304-6415 or 970-304-6411



 Please follow this link to more information on the Morgan County requirements for open burning -   MCSO Burn info page (click here)

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