Q. Does Wiggins Fire charge for calls for service? Generally, no. We operate as a special district meaning we recieve tax dollars generated by the value of property within our Fire Protection District. However, the Wiggins Rural Fire Protection District does reserve the right, as directed by the board of directors of the Wiggins Rural Fire Protection District, to charge for services of fire protection and EMS rescue for those who are not in our district or service area.
Q. How many paid firefighters are on shift at a time? WFD is an all volunteer department. This means at any given time you may get a few to several firefighters responding to an emergency.  Most of our Firefighters are First Responder (EMR) certified and several of our firefighters are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). 
Q. Who can become a firefighter? Anyone over the age of 18 who resides with in the district may for membership. 
Q. I don't have any training in fire or EMS. Can I still apply? YES! Upon acceptance, you will be given several training opportunities to gain skills and knowledge in firefighting and EMS.  Wiggins Fire will pay for training outside of the department with a service commitment from you. Fill out an application today!
Q. I've called the station, but no one ever answers! Our station is an unmanned station.  If you have a fire or medical emergency, dial 911.  For non-emergent items of business, please call our station at (970) 483-6666 to leave a message and an officer of the department will call you back.
Q. How can I obtain a burn permit?

In Weld County burn permits are issued by the Weld County Health Department. check out specifics on our Controlled Burns page.

In Morgan County you must call the Morgan County Communication  Center before and after your burn. 970-867-8531

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